INTERMARCHÉ sets a high bar with localized, multichannel retail promotions.  

ARISTID and CHILI GraFx allow INTERMARCHÉ's head office to distribute thousands of localized promotions to store network.

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Rising demand for visual in Retail promotions.

Local communication is having an ever-increasing impact on generating in-store traffic. Consumers are sensitive to messages linked to their own geographical context, and local marketing solutions are becoming more sophisticated, requiring appropriate “offer” content.
Customers of major retailers expect a “unified” global experience customers expect a “unified” overall experience, fluidity between the online and offline experience, and brand consistency throughout their journey.

INTERMARCHÉ, with its dense point-of-sale network, bet on our Brand&Shop creative automation solutions to create as many sales communication campaigns across its network as there are local contexts.

This innovative strategy enables the brand to produce more than 28 000 locally adapted advertising visuals to personalize the communication of the 1 800 outlets in its network. The point of sale must be able to generate its own personalized campaigns autonomously and very easily, based on the brand’s sales data. The platform’s responsiveness, ease of use and flexibility are key success factors for in-store user adoption, while respect for the brand is a guarantee of consistency for the retailer.

Our Brand&Shop platform integrates the most powerful creative automation engine on the market, CHILI GraFx. This strong partnership between these two technologies solves the equation of personalization on a massive scale.

Thanks to our retail tech platform, the entire INTERMARCHÉ network can create, print and distribute thousands of localized and omnichannel promotions.

Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology

The numbers speak for themselves.

The annual volume of creative materials produced for INTERMARCHÉ’s 1 800 stores.

28 000 localized creative assets
150 000 promotional spots
180 000 catalogs

The combination of CHILI GraFx’s creative automation technologies and the Brand&Shop platform by ARISTID, dedicated to the management of commercial offers by point-of-sale networks, means that very large volumes of advertising media can be generated on demand.
Creative automation technologies play a central role in the digital transformation of commercial communication for these brands. Only this industrial and automated vision can reach the retailer’s customers with a personal message and adapted content. Production volumes are exponential and cannot be managed manually.

INTERMARCHÉ is a network of independent retailers, and each store has unique promotional needs that demand responsiveness and flexibility. It's thanks to creative automation that we can meet these challenges.

Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology

Creative Automation boosts attractiveness of offers


To enable the high-volume creation of personalized media for INTERMARCHÉ, ARISTID Retail Technology developed and implemented a dedicated platform called Brand&Shop, which incorporates CHILI GraFx’s cutting-edge graphics production technology. Thanks to this technology solution, the entire store network can now personalize promotions on a store-by-store basis. Campaign plans designed for nationwide implementation are now being used by individual stores to create localized in-store signage. The stores have an easy way to produce high definition and high quality visuals with modified pricing, imagery, and offer types. They can customize their assets while maintaining adherence to both brand and campaign guidelines. This is where CHILI GraFx’s advanced Creative Automation engine is essential. Its Smart Templates can generate an infinite number of creative variations while remaining 100% faithful to brand guidelines. Thanks to our platform, the entire INTERMARCHÉ network’s team can today create, print, and distribute thousands of totally unique commercial offers.

Our solution dedicated to networks

Optimize your local communication

Frame and facilitate marketing actions within your store network.

More informations
We created Brand&Shop to allow retailers to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time, in their store. This local omnichannel marketing is only possible with an industrial, centralized and automated, but above all "data-centric" vision of graphic production.

Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology

Creative Automation expands the possibilities of data promotion!

The INTERMARCHÉ example reflects retailers interest in optimizing their media mix and omnichannel communication processes. The ability to give local outlets the capacity to communicate autonomously while following brand guidelines opens up a whole arsenal of possible uses for promotional retail data.

The first satisfaction surveys of the Brand&Shop tool conducted by Audirep demonstrate the enthusiasm in the field for the platform and its local capabilities.
80% of store users recommended the tool after less than 6 months of use… This adoption is all the more significant as it concerns users in the field who have to defend their competitiveness and price image, and for whom promotions are the lifeblood of the business!

In addition to saving time and improving efficiency, the deployment of this platform, which acts as a link between the brand’s communications and its network, enables actions to be centralized and monitored down to a highly granular level of detail. The ROI gain on local marketing actions is immediate, the brand image is protected and proximity is more engaged… a winning combo!

We're always looking to anticipate the needs of retailers, and to evolve our tools to simplify their daily. It's essential to work with reliable technology partners like ChiliPublish, who share our innovative vision of industrializing the generation of promotional content. By integrating CHILI GraFx as the main creative automation engine at the heart of Brand&Shop, we can offer stores the ability to have real-time overviews of their offers, and respond with responsiveness and reliability to all generations of the network.

Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology

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