Our CRS report and 2023 assessement

ARISTID was awarded the Ecovadis Silver Medal with a score of 69/100. This score places us among the top 7% of companies in terms of CSR.

ARISTID was awarded the Ecovadis Silver Medal with a score of 69/100


This score places us among the top 7% of companies in terms of CSR

I'm very delighted to introduce this first ARISTID CSR report, which embodies our various continuous improvement initiatives and our vision of a business model that is not only high-performance, but also virtuous.

Rodolphe Bonnasse, CEO ARISTID

Our social commitments


ARISTID has made it a point of honor to adapt to today’s challenges, including CSR. We are committed to contributing to a more profitable future by minimizing our environmental impact. We guarantee the health, safety and well-being of our teams by providing workplaces that are suitable to concentration and relaxation, but also by maintaining a friendly atmosphere on our premises. Every employee can benefit from training on health and safety at work, an innovative health insurance and flexible working hours to enable parents to combine work and family life.

ARISTID is committed to equality at work, inclusion and diversity. We are keen to respect the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunity, which is why we have adapted our premises for people with reduced mobility and raise awareness of the cause of disability. At ARISTID we are proud to support this cause, which is why in 2022 we called on the catering services of “En 10 saveurs“, based in Levallois. This company employs mainly people with mental or cognitive disabilities, and its founder, Nathalie Guerrier, has raised our employees awareness of inclusion.



ARISTID is committed to social dialogue with balanced employee representation and regular exchanges with the Human Resources department. The social committee plays a major role in our company. It is consulted regularly and enables us to pay particular attention to the concerns and suggestions of our employees. This constant dialogue has led to numerous agreements and benefits, such as the right to disconnect, the profit-sharing agreement and gender equality.

Talent is valued and there are real career development prospects. Several members of my team have gone on to hold positions of responsibility.

Carole Perrin, Senior Client Partner & Head of Business Development

Key figures for 2022 :

91/100 index
gender equality
0 incident
70/100 score
social and human rights

Our environmental commitments


ARISTID helps retailers reinvent their communication tools for a greener future. We help our customers move from mass communication to eco-designed digital communication.

But we’re looking further ahead in our project for positive transformation, as we’ve adapted our premises and equipment to better respect the environment. Our employees are made aware of eco-gestures and waste sorting through regular communications. As a result, we have significantly reduced the use of single-use cups and plastic bottles. All our premises are equipped with bean-to-cup coffee machines to eliminate the use of pods, as well as waste sorting garbage cans. All our document flows have been digitized and we have reduced our printing volumes by 42% between 2018 and 2022.

When we travel, we encourage our employees to use more environmentally-friendly means of transport. In order to convince them, we reimburse their VELIGO subscription and offer parking spaces dedicated to bicycles and scooters.

Key indicators

14067 Lb
of waste recycled
Objective 2 times more
of waste recycled in 2023
This continuous improvement approach encourages our teams to take an environmentally-friendly approach, and raises the profile of commercial communication jobs that have long been associated with paper waste.

Pauline Garnier, CMO ARISTID

ARISTID makes every effort to offer a more ethical business environment. We fight against corruption and conflicts of interest. That’s why all our commercial contracts include social, environmental and ethical commitment clauses. Data protection is also at the heart of our concerns. We therefore guarantee data confidentiality for our customers and employees.

ARISTID is committed to respecting and promoting human rights. We fight against all forms of illegal or concealed labor in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization.

We have also drawn up a supplier charter setting out our social, environmental and ethical principles. By 2025, we aim to have 100% of our suppliers sign this charter.


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