Join a group on the move!

Welcome to our team of 350 talents!

Like our retail customers, we’re enthusiastic about the adventure of commerce. We are delighted to contribute to the success of their stores. Over the last few years, we’ve undergone a bold revolution, evolving from a long-established player in promotional retail communications to a publisher of innovative technological solutions.


We are optimising our management methods, our social and environmental impact, and we are working towards a better work/life balance. We have an annual employee satisfaction barometer that guides internal investment and enables us to constantly evolve for the well-being of everyone.


ARISTID is much more than a company, it’s an adventure where graphic designers, developers, project managers, consultants, creative people, data experts and automation specialists come together to create innovation every day !



Join us on this exciting adventure where CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY meet to shape the future of retailing with desire and determination!

Who are we?

ARISTID Retail Technology is the French leader in the digital transformation of retail communications

Thanks to our long-standing knowledge of the retail sector and our dedicated software solutions, we enable major retailers to produce personalized omnichannel offers on a large scale. By placing the structuring of sales data at the heart of our business, we have revolutionized retailer communication in France and accelerated our development in new international markets.

en chiffres :

8 /10
of France's largest retailers are our customers.
daily users of our software solutions.
stores in France that use our tools for their local communications.

Our job offers

Our teams

ARISTID’s teams are impregnated in retail culture. They have a keen sense of the customer, retail highlights, and live to the rhythm of the annual PAC. Tech and sales teams are at the heart of the company’s fast-growing development. So, energetic, conscientious and inquisitive profiles are privileged!

We are 350 employees and our teams are divided into 5 types:


Tech teams: Products • Development Integration Infrastructure Security

They are at the heart of the evolution of our business and the relevance of our solutions. The proportion of tech profiles in our workforce has more than doubled over the last 3 years.



“When you pair Retail + Tech you’re sure not to get bored.” Julie, Product Manager


Prod teams: Projet Data • Automation • Mock-up • Manufacturing • Image

We have been able to anticipate changes in our business. Thanks to creative automation and data-centric positioning, we now have an industrial production capacity supported by our technological tools. Our employees have largely supported this transformation by reinventing their professions and opening up to new production methods.


“A job that’s very interesting, there’s no typical day, that’s what makes the job exciting.” Nicolas, Data Project Manager

Customers teams : Customer Service • Sales • Projects • Change Management

In the retail sector, “thinking customer” is a must. That’s why our customer success teams work closely with their customers on a daily basis, to support the changes in business models that the teams who produce and manage commercial communications have to deal with.


“One of our values is team spirit, we all want to succeed together” Carole, Senior Client Partner


Cross-functional teams: Finance and Management • Human Resources Marketing Communication • Operational Excellence • Helpdesk • General Services

Specialists: Branding & Packaging • Art Direction • Social Media • Retail Design

Aristid is

of women among the company's managers
senior managers who meet regularly for greater flexibility
of training courses per employee, this is our training objective for 2
For Aristid, diversity and inclusion are essential. We are committed to recruiting people from all horizons, in order to create a strong and innovative team. We care about our people and want to offer them the best opportunities for professional development.

Eric Depaye, CHRO

Offices and teleworking


We offer our employees up to 2 days of teleworking per week. These days can be arranged with the employee’s manager under certain conditions (compatible position, mastery of the position, technical compatibility, etc.). Our digital tools are optimized for remote working, and our managers have adapted their working methods to create a team spirit even in hybrid mode.

Our main office is in Clichy, 15 minutes from St Lazare. We also have offices near Bordeaux (Pessac), in St-Etienne, Grenoble, Lisbon and Quebec. Our main office has been in Clichy for 10 years, in a beautiful 3000 m2 industrial building renovated in the ARISTID colors. We have 18 meeting rooms of various sizes, relaxation and conviviality areas, and high-performance video equipment.


Getting to know us better

Where do we come from?

ARISTID is a French company specializing in the digital transformation of retail communication. We offer software solutions that enable retailers to industrialize their sales operations and distribute personalized offers on a large scale. Over the years, we have acquired unique expertise in this field, and our solutions are now used by some of France’s biggest retailers. Our aim is now to expand internationally. We are already present in several European countries, as well as in North America! We are convinced that our expertise and our values will enable us to contribute to the digital transformation of retailing worldwide.

Where does our name come from?

The name Aristid is a tribute to the Boucicaut couple, Aristide and Marguerite, who were the founders of modern commerce. Aristide Boucicaut was a visionary entrepreneur who revolutionized the way people shop. He introduced innovations such as sales, promotional catalogs, mail-order and private labels. Boucicaut were also pioneers in gender equality, hiring female sales assistants at a time when this was rare. ARISTID’s values of parity, cohesion, activation and innovation are perfectly in line with those of the Boucicaut couple. These values are essential to our success, and they help to make ARISTID a responsible and innovative company that contributes to making the world a better place.

Commitments & CRS


ARISTID has over thirty years of expertise. We have always been able to evolve and adapt to new challenges. In the 2010s, we realized that our future lay in the digitalization of our business and the design of technological solutions. At this pivotal moment, we made the choice to invest in French R&D. We brought our employees on board by training them and recruiting real specialists. It’s by relying on team spirit and human proximity that we have succeeded in becoming the leader in our market.

Today, we still face many other challenges: technological, commercial, but also environmental, and it’s the energy of our teams that will enable us to meet them! ARISTID must embrace the challenges of our time, and use its innovation to reduce advertising waste. Our tools help to rationalize, better manage and therefore reduce the energy needed for our customers commercial communications. We are counting on all ARISTID employees to uphold these values, to ensure that our corporate ecosystem improves, and to take action on a daily basis.

As a responsible company, ARISTID is particularly attentive to the environmental impact of its activities and services. We are committed to reducing both our energy consumption and our waste. We believe in the positive transformation of our business to find the right balance between the needs of commerce and energy sobriety.

Pauline Garnier, CMO ARISTID

Our CSR performance

91 %
our gender equality index
14067 Lb
of waste recycled
7 %
our company is among the top 7% rated by Ecovadis



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