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Publié le 16/12/2023

Christmas Inflation: What impact on holiday preparations?



William à midi 13/12/23

Festivities such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween are often associated with family and religious moments. However, they take on significant commercial dimensions. These events, integrated into a marketing calendar, become the stage for intense competition among retailers who ingeniously vie to attract consumers to their establishments. Merchants face the dual challenge of maintaining consumer appeal and constantly reinventing themselves. Collaborations with renowned chefs, inaugurations featuring famous personalities, and window displays designed by fashion designers illustrate the efforts made to bring a touch of originality to the festivities.

What are the origins of the Marketing calendar?


Aristide Boucicaut is considered the father of modern marketing. He was the first to use innovative marketing techniques such as distributing catalogs, running promotional campaigns, and holding sales to attract customers and boost sales. Accompanied by his wife Marguerite, Boucicaut succeeded in making Le Bon Marché one of the most popular retail destinations in Paris.

Boucicaut was a pioneer in corporate social responsibility. He was the first to employ female sales assistants in his store and offered social benefits to his employees, including housing, social protections, and company shares. These initiatives helped make Le Bon Marché an attractive employer.


Shopping malls, strategic arenas during the holidays

William à midi 06/12/23

The effects of music on shopping behavior

Shopping malls are strategic venues for retailers, especially during the holiday season. They heavily invest in decorations, traditional markets, and charitable initiatives to create a unique experience for visitors. Music plays a key role in mall strategy. They broadcast a carefully curated selection of Christmas songs to create a shopping-friendly atmosphere. Music can:

  • Boost mood: Music can create a positive and cheerful ambiance that encourages people to spend more money.
  • Shorten perceived time: Music can make time seem shorter, leading people to stay longer in malls and spend more.
  • Increase impulsiveness : Music can stimulate impulse buying, especially catchy and festive songs.

Should we resort to a budget new year’s eve?

RMC 06/12/23

+10% on Christmas shopping prices

The December period is two to three times more crucial in terms of turnover than other months of the year, with December 24th being the day of the year when turnover reaches its peak. The average budget allocated to holiday meals has significantly increased over the years, from €117 in 2021 to €130 in 2022, and estimated between €137 and €142 for this New Year’s Eve. Christmas represents a crucial month, with flagship products such as foie gras, chocolate, salmon, and toys. French people plan to spend an average of €300 to €350 on gifts and €120 on the festive meal.


The impact of inflation Christmas products

The rise in raw material prices directly affects food products. For example, cocoa has seen a 20% increase, rising from €4,000 to €4,100 per ton between November and December 2023. This inflation is reflected in chocolate bars, with an average increase of 20%.

Christmas food products also experience inflation, notably foie gras, which has increased from €37/kg in 2021 to €75/kg in 2023. Figures reveal that Christmas sales play a crucial role in the economy, representing 34% of annual sales of chocolates and pralines, 32% of foie gras sales, and 22% of champagne sales. For Picard, the leader in the frozen food sector, a quarter of its annual sales are made in December.


Tips to fight Inflation for an economical new year’s eve

BFMTV 16/12/23

When inflation spoils the magic of Christmas

The rise in supermarket prices, with a 25% increase, poses a major challenge. Inflation affects the purchasing power of the French, making Christmas more complicated this year. Faced with this inflation, consumers must adapt and find anti-inflation tricks to preserve the tradition of the festive season without bursting their budget.

In this regard, economical alternatives are essential:

  • For example, substituting capon and turkey (which have increased by 15 to 20%) with chicken can offer a similar taste experience at a lower cost.
  • Likewise, exploring options such as scallops, currently at a reasonable price. As well as accompaniments of fruits, vegetables, and less conventional but more affordable meat cuts.
  • Winter seasonal vegetables are abundant and cheaper this year, offering an economical and quality option.
  • For desserts, homemade production is recommended despite the increase in sugar prices.

Trends and forecasts for a controlled new year’s eve

The average anticipated cost by the French for the festive meal ranges between €120 and €150. However, the threat of inflation looms, prompting caution in purchases.

  • Regarding holiday essentials, oysters are becoming scarcer due to recent storms, while Yule logs and chocolates remain popular choices. The scarcity of foie gras, with an increase of 30 to 35% compared to the previous year.
  • The French are considering reducing their gift budgets by an average of €19 compared to the previous year. It is imperative to remain vigilant about the quantities purchased to avoid food waste.

Faced with this inflation, it is important to remain mindful of expenses, especially on the gift side. All affordable

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