Publié le 09/11/2023



We are proud to announce our commitment to Smoke-Free Month. This initiative aims to raise awareness, support and encourage our employees to stop smoking.

Tobacco-Free Month is an annual event held throughout November. It encourages smokers to put an end to their nicotine addiction by adopting a healthier lifestyle. ARISTID is joining this initiative by implementing several measures for its employees.

Clementines for more vitamins and less nicotine

ARISTID offers its employees 1 month of Clementines! They’re in season, they’re good, and they’re an excellent alternative for a smoke-free break. A source of antioxidant vitamin C, they can help reduce cravings… and non-smokers can enjoy them too!

An employee support group

ARISTID has set up an internal support group for employees wishing to quit smoking. This initiative encourages communication, experience sharing and solidarity between team members who are taking up this challenge. The creation of this support group testifies to the company’s commitment to the health and well-being of its employees.

Because… tobacco is taboo, we’ll all get over it 🙂

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