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Publié le 04/05/2022


This partnership will enable shared retail clients to handle the in-house personalization and distribution of large-scale offers across multiple print and digital channels. CHILI publish x ARISTID

The long-term cooperation between both platforms resulted in ongoing R&D efforts to close this integration deal successfully. As of April 2022, all CHILI publish features are available to all ARISTID clients.


French Retail Tech expert, ARISTID embeds Belgian creative tech software by CHILI publish.

CHILI publish tools are now deployed by all ARISTID customers. This integration is the result of long-standing R&D work, carried out in co-construction between the two platforms. Thanks to this partnership, retailers can now personalize their communications directly and distribute a wide range of digital offers.


ARISTID’s platform is allows all users to digitize and structure all the information related to the marketing and commercial communications of large retail chains (name, characteristics, price, product images and promotional mechanic offers associated…). This secure, harmonized and continuously enriched repository is essential for producing highly localized  and personalized communication elements in near-real-time.


CHILI publish, which has just raised €10 million , is a Creative Automation market leader. Its CHILI publisher Cloud platform allows brands to  control brand guidelines at a corporate level, and gives access to remote stores to edit and create localized print and digital output with Smart Templates.

The combination of these two solutions allows brands to go all out on promotional communications. Each creative activity in the ARISTID tools can be repurposed locally and instantly reproduced in an infinite number of variations and formats.

Thanks to this integration, ARISTID provides its clients with the ability to publish and distribute all types of visual content across the marketing plan. The personalization of local offers empowers brands with such competitive advantages as responsiveness and proximity marketing and ties online with offline marketing using QR codes for example.

Centralizing, structuring, and unifying the retailers’ marketing data are key success factors  for accelerating and securing the future readiness of today’s retailers. Campaign creativity must be combined with content automation to create both impact and consistency. This industrial vision of commercial marketing data is the only way to guarantee the quality of the brand’s message in a logic of growth and omnichannel distribution, leveraging automation so clients can scale campaign production easily.

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“ARISTID enables its retail clients to put data at the heart of their strategy, in favor of ultra-precise and customized offers. This industrial vision of a marketing action plan with automated and instantaneous variations allows brands to establish a customer’s preferences and gain their loyalty.”

Florian PAYRI,

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CHILI publish

CHILI publish

"Creative Tech like CHILI publisher lets brands and agencies simplify and automate on-brand graphic production at scale, saving them time and money in the end-to-end production of that content for both online and offline channels. We want to empower every agency and brand to be as productive, adaptable, and scalable as they want to be. A vision we share with ARISTID, as we can tell from the outstanding results our shared retail customers have been realizing. "


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About CHILI publish  

CHILI publish was founded in 2010 with a single vision: make graphic versioning productive, adaptable, and scalable. Today, hundreds of customers around the globe use CHILI publish to produce digital and print content at scale and create better customer experiences. With a team of over 75 people, a global ecosystem of integration partners, and offices in Aalst, Belgium, and Chicago, USA, CHILI publish is succeeding in becoming a trusted innovation partner in building the future of creative technology for brands and agencies worldwide.

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