Publié le 23/05/2022



ARMIS and ARISTID support CARREFOUR in its digital ambitions.

CARREFOUR is accelerating its change to paperless commercial communication1, by digitizing its catalogs, forging partnerships with the media giants such as Meta and Google, and by betting on ultra-local advertising with the start-up ARMIS2.

ARISTID solutions play a crucial role in this deployment to organize, enrich, and produce CARREFOUR’s commercial data required to feed these media platforms.

Designed by ARISTID, the Omnipublish platform has been implemented at CARREFOUR since 2017. This tool makes it possible to digitize and structure all the information related to the brand’s commercial communication (product images, names, characteristics, prices, media links, associated promotional offer mechanics, communication themes, etc.).

This secure, harmonized and continuously enriched repository is essential for offering personalized and omnichannel communication media quickly and in a responsive manner.

Thanks to this solution and to ARISTID services, the information flows concerning the offer can be crossed with shopper data, to constitute an infinity of specific and targeted campaigns. Enabled with ARMIS2 artificial intelligence solutions, Carrefour can deliver specific messages to each client via the most suitable media channel.

The efficiency of these fully industrialized solutions gives retailers and their media channels many more possibilities and responsiveness in developing marketing strategies to reach consumers.

Commercial performance today depends on these value-accelerating connections that open up an infinite number of new customer acquisition and loyalty scenarios!

See the press release in English

“CARREFOUR has been co-constructing the organization of its commercial data for 5 years with ARISTID. Together we have transformed our internal processes to enrich this data. It is thanks to the quality of this technological ecosystem that we can now connect new media platforms, which use this content in multiple contexts and types of customer interactions. »

Frédéric PRESLOT,
MKG Operational Director CARREFOUR

“We are delighted to combine our technological know-how with that of ARISTID to support Carrefour in its visionary project to digitize paper catalogues. The integration of our combined systems makes it possible to 100% industrialize digital commercial communication for each store and thereby ensure consistency, reliability and relevance in the distribution of promotions to the end customer.”

Co-founder ARMIS

“We are proud to participate in the evolution of the media mix of the brand which has the most stores in France. The challenges posed by the reduction of the mass/bulk mail paper catalog are opportunities for technological advances. This is beneficial for the end customer who is offered more appropriate and useful personalized promotional sales advertising.”

Rodolphe BONNASSE,
CEO ARISTID Retail Technology

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